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   Frequently Asked Questions

I am a first time user to this system. How do I create my account?
At the Prometric Online Testing home page, click on the First Time Registration hyperlink. Step 1 is to choose the sponsor area you should be associated with (and possibly a Prometric ID). If you are unsure which sponsor area you should choose, please contact your test sponsor. You must agree with Prometric's privacy notice to continue. Enter in all of the required information. Once you've completed this step, you will then be able to continue into the application where you can choose to take a test, update your information, and more.
I have a login account at Can I use the same login to access Prometric IBT (this system)?
The and IBT are two independent channels. You cannot access IBT with your account. You will need to create a different account for this system.
There are several sponsor areas on the site, can I test with all of them using one account?
Some test sponsor sites will allow you to be associated with one sponsor area and still be able to take exams from other sponsor areas on the same site location (URL). If you are unable to locate the exam you are looking for, please contact your sponsor. If you are accessing an entirely different exam site, you may need to create an account (first time registration) for that site area, as well. If you are unsure of which site or sponsor you should be accessing, you will need to contact your testing sponsor.
How do I change my password?
From the candidate's menu, click on the "Update My Info" option. After agreeing to the privacy statement, you will be allowed to update your profile, including changing your password. Click "Submit" when finished.
I forgot my password and/or my username. How can I recover it?
There are a few options. At the login page, there is a "Recover Your Username or Password" hyperlink below the login box. Clicking that hyperlink, you will be presented with the ability to either have your username and password e-mailed to you (to the e-mail address you entered when you created your account) - or by answering the custom-question/answer you filled out when you created your account. If both of these options do not work for you, you must contact your exam sponsor.
What is a keycode?
Public tests are available to anyone accessing the testing site. Test sponsors sometimes create private tests that are not visible in the available test list. If your test sponsor has given you a keycode, you will be able to access this exam by choosing "Take Test", and then entering that keycode in the "Private Tests" box.
What are vouchers?
Vouchers are an alternate form of payment for an exam that is set up by your test sponsor. Please contact your testing sponsor with questions regarding the availability of vouchers.
Will I receive a certificate? If so, when will I receive it?
Not all exams will generate a certificate. Not all exams will count towards certification. This is determined by your testing sponsor and how they constructed their exams. You must contact your testing sponsor regarding concerns over certificate fulfillment.
How can I get a copy of my score for an exam I took?
From the Candidate Menu, after you've logged in - choose the "Review Scores" option. This will list all the exams you've taken with the login account you are using. To view the score report for a particular exam, click on the particular exam's hyperlink. From there, you are able to print the page. If you are unable to locate the particular test event, please contact your testing sponsor.
How can I obtain a refund?
Refunds need to be authorized by the testing sponsor. If you have not started the exam (clicked "Begin Test" at the start of the exam), the system will automatically refund your account after one hour. If you would like to verify your account has been credited, choose "Review Scores" from the Candidate Menu, and click "View Receipt" on the test in question. Your charges and credits will appear on this receipt. If you have further questions, please contact your testing sponsor.
I've been authorized for a refund, or the system automatically refunded me - but I haven't received it yet. What's happening?
Credit card companies often can take four to six weeks to post credits. To obtain your credit authorization code for the credited transaction, click "Review Scores" on the test in question, and choose "View Receipt".
My credit card was declined. What should I do?
Make sure your billing address matches the address where your credit card bill is received. If you are having problems getting a credit card to validate, you will need to contact your credit card company.
I paid for my exam, but was unable to start it right away. Now it says I have to pay again!
If the test has not started (you did not click "Begin Test" at the start of the exam), the system will automatically refund you the test cost after an hour. If you've seen the test, you will not be refunded. Please contact your test sponsor for the appropriate recourse.
How can I get an invoice?
The Prometric IBT system does not offer invoices, only receipts.
I am having problems accessing the system. I was a ble to log in and proceed as normal, but then I got an "ACCESS BLOCKED" page. What's the problem?
The system will log you out after a period of inactivity. If you have not navigated or submitted a page for 60 minutes or more, the system will automatically log you out. You must log back into the system to continue.
I was taking an exam, and I lost connectivity. How do I restart the exam?
When a connection is lost, the test time continues to count down. As long as the test time has not expired, you will be able to continue the exam (minus the amount of time you were not able to access the system). From the Candidate Menu, choose "Resume Test". From there, pick your test and continue with the exam. If the test is not listed, your exam has expired and you will need to contact your testing sponsor.
I am trying to resume a test, but it's not listed. Why?
If the timer on the exam has expired, the test is completed - even if you have not completed the exam yourself, or lost connectivity and could not get back in time. You will need to contact your testing sponsor and see if they will extend the exam for you.
I selected an exam, and after I clicked "Take This Test", I was informed that I was not eligible to take this exam. What is this?
Certain tests can be restricted by eligibility. A test sponsor can restrict tests to certain eligibility situations. If you experience this, you must contact your testing sponsor about becoming eligible to take that particular exam.
Why are my results not showing up in Review Scores?
If the exam in question was taken at a testing center, your results will not show up in the "Review Scores" area. You can find the history of these exams by going to or
I would like to request a modifcation to my exam history. What can I do?
If you need your exam history modified, this is done through your test sponsor. You can find the client/sponsor information by accessing the Help Menu after logging into the system.
I would like to see the correct answers for a test I just took. Where can I see this?
Having the ability to obtain the correct answers for a test is strictly the responsibility of the testing sponsor of that particular exam. They may not wish to reveal the correct answers to an exam, you will need to contact them for the appropriate recourse. You can find their information from the Help Menu.
Who do I contact about questions over test content? How do I dispute a question on an exam?
You must contact the test sponsor of the exam in question. You can find the sponsor information by accessing the Help Menu after you've logged in.
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